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Advice From A Tree

.:{Leaves of Wisdom}:.

Saw this poster in the restaurant, “Bread and Chocolate,” in Puerto Viejo and loved it.

The Poster says:

*Stand tall and proud * Sink your roots into the Earth  * Be content with your natural beauty * Go out on a limb * Drink plenty of water * Remember your roots * Enjoy the view!



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The Key to Feeling Healthy and Happy

.:{My Body Rejects the USA}:.


My first morning back in Costa Rica I wake up to a not-so-happy Kelsey. Let’s just say that every part of me, my skin, my stomach, my head, my face…everything was angry. Yup. My body had floundered after being in the states for less than a week. I had no idea how healthy and happy my body was in Costa Rica until I introduced it to life outside of Costa Rica, specifically the synthetic, sugar-filled, over-processed life of the USA.

Now granted, I had probably experienced a lot of mental stress in leaving CR and coming back, and the climate of CR is very different from dry Colorado, which would definitely affect my body, but my transformation was a little extreme for that.

One of the big things I have learned during my time in Costa Rica is the importance of home-made, natural food. The food here is one of my favorite parts of the culture. And although I already knew this, the more time I spend in CR, the more I realize just how much our food affects our daily health. When almost all of your meals are made of freshly picked fruits and vegetables paired with other unprocessed and natural food, you just feel so much better.

In Costa Rica, I feel healthier. It’s like a glowing feeling. A lighter feeling. And I was so used to it that I didn’t even realize how great I felt until I experienced the States and my body freaked out. This was made even more apparent during this last week when Ray and Jen came and visited (which I still have to write about-it’s in the works). I mean, I came back from the states and over the 5 days that I was back before they came and visited I finally started feeling better and back to my normal self. However, when we were in Puerto Viejo we were eating junk food or really not junk food, it wasn’t anything that is super bad for you, and we actually ate at some awesome, all-natural restaurants, but we just had a lot of pre-packaged things that, again, I don’t normally eat here and I felt my body start to wig-out. Sure enough, everything started acting up again in Puerto Viejo (definitely not as extreme but there was a noticeable difference). And now, after being back to my usual Costa Rican life and food my body feels awesome, my skin is glowing, and I’m feeling good.

Definitely something I intend on keeping up when I come back.

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