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¡Hola Hola!

I have a fantastic update! In addition to writing on my personal blog, I am also a contributor on LaVida Idealist! What is LaVida Idealist you say? It is a fantastic blog about Latin American adventures created by the folks at Basically, the blog consists of writings from a handful of people who are volunteering, working, living, or frolicking in Latin America. It serves as a resource to those who are interested in community work abroad and strives to bridge the gap between good intentions and action.

Why is this fantastic?

  1. I have been a long-time supporter of (if you have never heard of this site, please check it out). In fact, that is where I discovered the awesome Costa Rica volunteer opportunity and is also where I have found several of my internships.
  2. I absolutely love writing, and am thrilled that I will be able to hone in on my writing skills, be part of a great idea like LaVida Idealist, and share my experiences with others who are interested in working abroad.

You can find my bio and the bios of all of the other groovy La Vida bloggers at the Contributor page.


January 25, 2010 at 11:21 pm 2 comments


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