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Ants In My Pants Part 2

.:{Tagalongs Down}:.

So, a few days ago there I was sitting in my bathroom, the one odd place in my room that gets internet from time to time, and I decide that I am a little hungry. I remember that I have a box of Tagalongs that my lovely mother gave me to bring to Costa Rica. Now, I had opened this box one day to have part of a cookie, and had closed it and sealed it in an airtight bag. Well, as I am eating my cookie in my bathroom, I keep feeling little ants on me. So, I turn on the light (oh yes I was sitting in the dark in my bathroom—trying to do my part to save electricity) and low and behold there are tons of tiny little ants on the bag and my tagalong box. Now, I am pretty sure that these ants were not there when I grabbed the bag. Which means, that they grouped together and attacked my bag in about 4 minutes flat. Needlesstosay, I freaked out, took all of the cookies out of their ant-covered container and washed them off in water to get rid of the ants (I wasn’t just going to throw them away, I mean it’s tagalongs and I only have 1 box for 4 months). Then, I washed off the plastic bag and placed the cookies inside. I put that bag inside of another bag, and put that bag inside of one of my compressor bags, and wrapped that bag in two more compressor bags, put it all inside another bag that zips shut inside a suitcase and zipped the suitcase shut. If these ants manage to still get inside and attack my tagalongs, well my friends, they are more superior than I. So, note to all of you lucky folk in places where there are not little warrior ants: enjoy eating your delicious Tagalongs out in the open, for it is a treat that not all can enjoy.



February 20, 2010 at 12:46 pm 9 comments

Ants in my Pants

.:{Las Hormigas}:.

Costa Rica has ants. Everywhere. Don’t be alarmed, they are very very tiny and do no harm, but they are the permanent pets of the house. I didn’t really think much of them, as they are on the kitchen counter and such, that is until I opened my laptop to find TONS of miniature ants crawling about (just killed another one). With all of the little holes in the sides of my computer for cords, and the tiny space under the keys (which they can fit into), my laptop must be a huge playground for them. However, I’m not sure what attracted them to my computer. It’s not like they are hoarding around any of my other stuff. Maybe, since they enjoy fruit, they enjoy my Mac because it’s technically an “Apple.” The good part about it is, because they are so fast (they dodge from one place to the next), killing them is a great test for my reactions skills. By the time I return I will not only know Spanish, but I will be one speedy lady.

February 18, 2010 at 11:41 am 3 comments


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