How To Achieve Happiness

June 14, 2010 at 5:22 am Leave a comment

.:{Joy, Smiles, Glee, Elation, Sprinkles, Bliss}:.

Wanting a little bit more happiness in your life? Ooh yay, me too. Please do read on.

In my last blog post, The One Thing That Really Matters, I use what I’ve experienced in the US and Costa Rica to explain my take on the priorities in life—matters that will ultimately provide a happier life. And, sorry money. Although you’ve seduced the US, you’re flirtations are just not cutting it in other countries.

This morning, my mom sent me the link to John de Graaf’s article, The Progressive Politics of Happiness, featured in Gary Null’s Guide to Natural Living. This article is the more spruced up, wordy, fact friendly, snazzy and verifiable version of my recent blog post.

Please take 5 minutes to read the article—perhaps accompanied by an aromatic cup ‘o joe or jazzy cup of tea…mmmm…

Don’t believe Mr. de Graff? Well, considering Costa Rica follows these guidelines and is the happiest country in the world by several happiness-measuring scales (for more specifics, read here), I think his article may have some truth to it.

Pura Vida = Happiness


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