10 Things I Learned By Working With Kids

June 14, 2010 at 7:08 pm 1 comment

.:{My 3 year old teachers}:.

1) It’s important to have a routine with youngsters. When they are accustomed to a certain schedule, everything goes so much smoother and they don’t misbehave (as much).

2) If a kid is acting up, instead of punishing them, first try to see if something is actually wrong or is frustrating the kid. So many times at Casa Luz I simply watched the kids, to try to understand what was going through their heads, and realized that a lot of the times it was something simple that they were mad about but didn’t know how to communicate it other than crying and screaming. The mother’s didn’t realize this and would get mad at the kid for screaming, which would frustrate the kid more, cause more screaming, and the cycle continues.

3) Kids are so much smarter than you think.

4) They  love to learn and are super curious. The more you incorporate knowledge into your time with them, the more interested they will be.

5) Kids absolutely love love LOVE music and dancing. We as human innately love rhythm. If you need to get a room of children to pay attention, put on a song or just sounds in general (like a cd of noises-water running, glass breaking, a dog barking, a phone ringing), they love it.

6) Instead of just saying no- explain why you are saying no.

7) You are their example. They are constantly observing you. What you do and say, they WILL repeat.

.8) Remember, if they are 3 and under, that toy you are giving them, will inevitably end up in their mouth and the mouths of every other kid in the vicinity.

9) Life is beautiful

10) Bubbles are awesome


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  • 1. chris gryniewicz  |  June 15, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    So true, and I too have learned these things along the way! How wonderful and fortunate to have this amazing (and crazy) experience with the young children when you are still young and can really see it and appreciate it! They have been mighty lucky to have you and I’m sure will miss you so much.


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