My Host Dad Makes Me Smile

June 7, 2010 at 11:19 pm Leave a comment

.:{Life Lessons}:.

Like I said in my post about my mom’s visit to Costa Rica, and the trip to Puerto Viejo, my experience in Costa Rica has been magical. I can’t believe how everything manages to perfectly fall into place. Whenever I’m feeling down, a random event happens to occur that same day that relates to exactly how I was feeling and enlightens my perspective. In addition, I can’t believe how lucky I am, or how Kelsey-tailored my experience continues to be.

A perfect example of this is my host dad. He is fantastic, and it’s remarkable how similar he is to my real dad, which would explain the fantastic-ness. It really is eerie how similar they are (for example, as I’m writing this my host dad fell asleep at the kitchen table and when we woke him up said, “I was just resting my eyes”). This is what I mean by Kelsey-tailored. What are the odds that I would find a Costa Rican replica of my dad thousands of miles away?

And like my real dad, although my host dad is usually goofy and making some kind of joke, when he is serious or does offer up life advice it is just a random simple phrase here or there that happens to be exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.

For example, recently I have been having a bit of a quarter-life-crisis (as I like to call it) about the future, my career, life, etc. and have been distracted but my life-crisis when I know that I should be living in the moment here in Costa Rica. Well, the other day I walk into the house and Manuel (my host dad whose fast and slurred-spanish I have made a mission to understand because, to do so, would be to do the impossible) greets me with a determined fist in the air, stops me and says, “Para adelante, nada para atrás.” Which doesn’t exactly translate, but means more or less “Only continue forward, and leave the past behind.” He then continues on, talking about how life is about living in the moment and we shouldn’t worry about the past, to which he states another brilliant line, “Hoy es la película de la vida” roughly translating to “Today, is the movie of your life.” And then goes on his way laughing to himself and asking me if I would like some whiskey (mind you it’s 10am).

These are the moments to remember.


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