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.:{Un Lugar Misterioso}:.

A view from our car of the fog in Cartago

Yesterday, I went with Nubia (one of my host sisters) to the city of Cartago. It’s about an hour+ drive from Guacima, so along the way I was able to see much more of Costa Rica, with Nubia as my wonderful tour guide.

Cartago used to be the capital of Costa Rica, and is one of Costa Rica’s oldest Spanish settlements. It is a very mysterious/eerie place because there is always fog (bruma) and I dunno, the place just has this kind of old/ghostly vibe about it. Although many of the old buildings were destroyed in past earthquakes and a terrible volcanic eruption in 1723, there are still some old creepy buildings that remain which I loved! (see below)

After sight-seeing, we went to a little cafe called “Ti ama” for some coffee and a snack. I LOVED this little place. It was very quaint, with pictures of Bob Marley, the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, etc. on the walls—and I had the best cappuccino ever. I also ate a delicious chocolate brownie, which was much needed as I have been on a chocolate kick for days and had yet to enjoy its deliciousness. Needless to say, I am definitely going back to Ti Ama before I leave.

Hope everyone is doing well!



Basilica: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels: known for sheltering the stone statue of the famous “La Negrita,” Costa Rica’s patron saint. People also come here for the water outside which many collect in bottles for its supposed “healing” powers. This place is very interesting- I would definitely suggest reading more about it 🙂

Gifts that people bring during a yearly pilgrimage to the Cathedral, as a tribute to “La Negrita.” (seriously read more about this, it’s a pretty interesting story- and a very famous place).

Las Ruinas: the remains of the paroquia (parish church) built in 1575 and damaged many times before its final destruction in the earthquake of 1910.

A sign inside Las Ruinas- yes, this place definitely feels like there are ghosts that wander about at night.


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  • 1. Jessica  |  March 8, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    How cool! And creepy! Fog always spooks me, lol, but I’m glad you weren’t haunted (yet) or stalked by our creepy, orby afrafrafrafra (again, yet). Dun dun dun. I may have just scared myself. 😉

  • 2. Caroline  |  March 12, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Not afrafrafrafrafra….!

    LOVE your picture of catedral Cartago- the pilgrimage is really interesting as people come every year to this cathedral, and literally crawl on their knees for miles and miles just to get to this place. Crazy!


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