Costa Rica, HERE WE COME!

February 16, 2010 at 11:50 am 1 comment

.:{It begins}:.

I have officially made it to Costa Rica!  After quite the packing session (see below), a number of tears with Ray as he dropped me off at the airport, a semi-panic as I stepped on the plane (what am I DOING?!?), I did make it to Costa Rica. But the process of making it here was more of an emotional roller coster than I expected.  As I walked away from Ray and through security I was feeling pretty… well… emotional. I don’t know if it was nerves, if it was leaving Ray, if it was leaving my comfort zone, if I was just being over-tired, or what, but I was feeling pretty weary at the gate—Which is a quite a change for someone who is pretty independent and not usually emotional. Luckily, a kid came to my rescue. As I was boarding the plane, this six-year-old behind me, in all his youngster glory shouted, “I am so excited! Costa Rica, HERE WE COME!” That immediately put a smile on my face, and I couldn’t help but catch his enthusiasm. So, after that point, I tuned into my inner-six-year-old and just enjoyed the ride.

The first stop on the ride was the airport pick-up where some really nice people from the school I will be taking Spanish lessons at, picked me up. They were super friendly and I might be going out with them later this week, which I am super excited about because I know no one here. They dropped me off at my host family’s house, and I was greeted by my lovely Senora and the CUTEST little puppies you have ever seen (pictures to come). Her and I attempted to have a conversation (as she knows no English and my Spanish is quite scraggly right now) I didn’t really know what to think. It was surreal to think that this morning I was in my own bed, getting my things together, and now I am having a “conversation” with my new Senora, and this is now my “home.”  Speaking of which, I have a really nice set up at their house. I have my own apartment-type thing off of the side of their house, with my own keys/door, room, bathroom, and pseudo-kitchen. And I somehow am getting wireless internet. Not really sure how that happened (as my family doesn’t have a computer, but I am embracing it to the fullest).

As far as my host family goes, I am living with my mama tica (Costa Rican mom) and her husband, and then one of their daughter’s, the daughter’s husband, and their kid (who live “separate” in that they have their own place but it is still attached to the main house). Everyone is super nice, and I just wish I could understand more of what they are saying and talk back. It’s frustrating, but I know the language thing takes time, and I keep telling myself to be patient and just embrace every moment.

I’m not sure how long my internet will last (turns out it died right when I tried to post this, so this post is from 2 days ago), so I will cut this blog off here. Hope that everyone is doing well, and please comment and keep me posted on all of your adventures and life happenings!

Pura Vida


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LaVida Idealist Costa Rica, HERE WE COME! Part 2

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  • 1. chris gryniewicz  |  February 17, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Kelsey–your blog this day is a wonderful insight into the emotional aspects of undertaking this huge change and adventure in your life, from the emotional beginning at the airport with Ray, to the unexpected and surely Universe/angel-inspired shot of glee and anticipation from that 6 yr old boy at the airport–just what you needed at that moment! How wonderful to have your own little apt., bathrm and all, and best of all, able to get onto the internet! Lots of hugs. Mom


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