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LaVida Idealist

.:{Blogging for a Purpose}:.

¡Hola Hola!

I have a fantastic update! In addition to writing on my personal blog, I am also a contributor on LaVida Idealist! What is LaVida Idealist you say? It is a fantastic blog about Latin American adventures created by the folks at Basically, the blog consists of writings from a handful of people who are volunteering, working, living, or frolicking in Latin America. It serves as a resource to those who are interested in community work abroad and strives to bridge the gap between good intentions and action.

Why is this fantastic?

  1. I have been a long-time supporter of (if you have never heard of this site, please check it out). In fact, that is where I discovered the awesome Costa Rica volunteer opportunity and is also where I have found several of my internships.
  2. I absolutely love writing, and am thrilled that I will be able to hone in on my writing skills, be part of a great idea like LaVida Idealist, and share my experiences with others who are interested in working abroad.

You can find my bio and the bios of all of the other groovy La Vida bloggers at the Contributor page.


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Where I Work

.:{Casa Luz}:.

In today’s rounds of updates, here is the first. Instead of leaving on Feb 1st for Costa Rica, I am now going to be leaving on Feb 14th. At first, I was a little dismayed with the change, but I am actually really happy about this now because it gives me more time with my friends and family, and more time to practice mi español.

Along with an altered departure, my work in Costa Rica has also changed. Instead of volunteering in a home for young girls, I will be working in a home for adolescent mothers and their children who come from extreme poverty and have been abused/exploited. Although my new location is a little more intense, I am really excited about the switch. The home is called Casa Luz, and is located in La Guácima, Costa Rica. La Guácima is a little town in Costa Rica’s Alajuela province and is about 10 miles northwest of the capital—San Jose.

So, the countdown is now under 3 weeks! Check out my next post: LaVida Idealist for more exciting updates!

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.:{Find Your Happy Place}:.

Pura Vida is the way of life in Costa Rica. Pura Vida reminds me of the Lion King’s Hakuna Matata. No worries. Just livin’ the “Pure Life.” Well, it appears that Costa Rica may be on to something. As the famous Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author, and human rights activist, Nicholas Kristof, pointed out in his NYTimes op-ed, Costa Rica is in fact, the happiest place in the world.

Kristof surmises that Costa Rica’s military abolishment may have something to do with their gleeful grins. Whether it be related to military or not, the Ticos are obviously doing something right.

After all, Costa Rica beat out 148 other nations in the World Database of Happiness, and also ranked #1 according to various “happiness-measuring” scales such as the “Happy Life Years” scale and the “Happy Planet Index.”

On the one hand, I am extremely nervous to leave. On the other hand, a plate of Costa Rican happiness is sounding pretty delicious right about now.

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